Savitri Devi - Animal Rights Activism

Animal Rights Activism

Devi was a pioneer in animal rights activism but has been criticized by some animal rights supporters today for her racialist views which she also mixed into her animal rights opinions. Devi was a vegetarian from a young age and held ecologist views in her works. She wrote The Impeachment of Man in 1959 in India in which she declared her views on animals rights and nature. According to her, human beings do not stand above the animals; but in her ecologist views, humans are rather a part of the ecosystem and should respect all life, including animals and the whole of nature.

She always held radical views on veganism and supported the death penalty for those who didn't "respect nature or animals". She once broke into laboratories and took animals being held there, releasing them from being used in experiments. She said that vivisection, circuses, slaughter and fur industries among others doesn't belong in any civilized society.

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