Sati may refer to:

  • Sati (goddess): Hindu goddess, Shiva's first wife
  • Sati (practice), an ancient Indian tradition of the immolation of a widow on her husband's funeral pyre, now illegal
  • Mindfulness (Pali). In Buddhism the word ‘Sati’ usually carries the meaning of awareness or skillful attentiveness
  • School of mindfulness meditation established by John Garrie Rōshi
  • Bhai Sati Das, Sikh martyr executed by emperor Aurangzeb
  • An alternate spelling of Satis in Egyptian mythology
  • Sati, a character in the film The Matrix Revolutions
  • Sati (film), 1989 Bengali film directed by Aparna Sen and starring Shabana Azmi
  • Violeta "Sati" Jurkonienė, a Lithuanian singer
  • Sati (novel), a novel by Christopher Pike
  • Sati (castle), a medieval fortified town near Shkodër in contemporary Albania
See also: Satis and Sat (Sanskrit)