Sardou is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Saint Sacerdos of Limoges, also known as Saint Sardou
  • Victorien Sardou, French dramatist
  • Victorien Sardou was also the basis for naming Eggs Sardou, which is a part of Creole cuisine.
  • Fernand Sardou (1910 - 1976), a French singer and actor; The father of Michel Sardou
    • Michel Sardou, French singer
      • Davy Sardou (born 1978), a French actor; Son of Michel Sardou
  • Romain Sardou, French novelist
  • Jackie Sardou, née Rollin (1919, Paris - 1998), a French actress, wife of Fernand Sardou
  • Joseph-Marie Sardou (1922 - 2009), a French Roman Catholic archbishop
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