Sanno Institute of Management

The Sanno Institute of Management (産業能率大学, Sannō Nōritsu Ika Daigaku?), also stylized SANNO Institute of Management, is a private university established in 1979 in Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan. It offers highly interdisciplinary and practical programs in the field of management and information science.

SANNO consists of two Divisions: the Academic and the Business Education divisions. The Academic Division has a graduate school, undergraduate school and junior college. The Business Education Division provides management training and consulting services for business people. It has various academic programs adopting the practical knowledge and skills developed through business education and many management-consulting programs based on basic theory and academic research. SANNO is also known for its management training and consulting programs covering socio-industrial fields and international affairs.

The university occupies three separate campuses: Jiyugaoka Campus (head office, located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), Shonan Campus (located in Kanagawa Prefecture), and Daikanyama Campus (located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo). SANNO is one of the sponsors of the Shonan Bellmare J-League soccer team.

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