San Diego Flash - Head Coaches

Head Coaches

  • Colin Clarke (2000)
  • Costa Skouras
  • Papo Santos
  • Ralf Wilhelms
  • Warren Barton (2010–present)

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    ... but by that time a lot of sea had rolled by and Lucette was too tired to wait. Then the night was filled with the rattle of an old but still strong helicopter. Its diligent beam could spot only the dark head of Van, who, having been propelled out of the boat when it shied from its own sudden shadow, kept bobbing and bawling the drowned girl’s name in the black, foam-veined, complicated waters.
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    The real persuaders are our appetites, our fears and above all our vanity. The skillful propagandist stirs and coaches these internal persuaders.
    Eric Hoffer (1902–1983)