Salamis Naval Base

The Salamis Naval Base or Naval Dock Salamis (Greek: Ναύσταθμος Σαλαμίνας) is the largest naval base in Greece. It is located in the northeastern part of Salamis Island (Cape Arapis) and in Amphiali and Skaramanga. It is close to the major population centres of Athens and Piraeus.

  • 37°58′25″N 23°32′00″E / 37.97361°N 23.53333°E / 37.97361; 23.53333 (Salamis Naval Base, Area-1:)
  • 37°59′35″N 23°33′56″E / 37.99306°N 23.56556°E / 37.99306; 23.56556 (Salamis Naval Base, Area-2:)

Most Hellenic Navy ships are based at Salamis, as well as many of its administrative, training and support services. The Naval Base employs approximately 10,000 naval and civilian personnel.

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