Sakis Rouvas Filmography

Sakis Rouvas filmed his first cinematographic works in 1996, playing the voice of Quasimodo in the Greek language dubbing of the Disney animated adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame titled I Panayia Ton Parision. A Decade later in 2006 Rouvas voiced Lightning McQueen in the Greek dubbing of the animated film Cars.

After a failed attempt in film in 1997, Sakis Rouvas made his film debut in 2007 with the Greek drama ALTER EGO which was the most expensive Greek production in history with a budget of €2M. The film was released by the largest film production company in Greece, Village Roadshow Productions, and Rouvas revealed that he was once again in collaboration with the company to create his second film.

Rouvas also revealed that he has landed his first Hollywood film in the psychological thriller Duress playing the primary antagonist role of Abner Solvie, a charismatic killer, alongside actors Martin Donovan and Billy Wirth.