Safidon - Places of Interest

Places of Interest

  • Nagakshetra temple: Oldest temple in the city.
  • Dasasvamedha tirtha: At village Didwara in Safidon tahsil, 13 km north of Safidon. Bathing here with devotion is considered to have the merit of ten Ashvamedha sacrifices.
  • Aruna tirtha: It lies at village Anta, 6 km south of Safidon. It finds mention in the Mahabharata.
  • Panchanada tirtha Hatkeswar Teerth: It lies at village Hatt( Sumeet Singh Boora village ), about 10 km southwest of Safidon. The creation of this tirtha is attributed to Rudra. Inhabited by the gods, Panchanada tirtha is considered the remover of all sins.
  • Parasara tank and a brick temple of Mahadeva at Paju Kalan (5 kilometres north-west of Safidon).
  • Suraj Kund built in honour of Sun God at Kalwa (15 kilometres south-west of Safidon).
  • Temple of Mahadeva at Barod (5.5 kilometres north-east of Safidon).
  • A tank named after the Vedic sage Vasishtha at Budha Khera (12 kilometres north-west of Safidon ).

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