Ryan C. Gordon

Ryan C. Gordon (also known as icculus) is a computer programmer and former Loki Software employee who is now responsible for icculus.org, which hosts many Loki Software projects as well as several new projects created by himself and others. Gordon's site hosts projects with the code from such commercial games as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Quake III Arena and many other free and open source projects for multiple platforms.

Gordon has also created ports of proprietary software products to the Linux and Mac OS X platforms. These include being hired to port the Unreal Tournament series, some of the Serious Sam series, the Postal series, some Tripwire Interactive titles, and Prey. He has also been involved in porting several non-gaming products such as Google Earth. Some, such as Candy Cruncher and Postal 2, have been published by Linux Game Publishing. He has also been described alongside Edward Rudd as being "instrumental" in ensuring the multi-platform nature of the Humble Indie Bundle initiatives.

Gordon is also a founding member of the BareBones Theatre Group in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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