Ruth Hale (feminist) - Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

Hale was introduced to Heywood Broun, a popular newspaper columnist and sportswriter, at a New York Giants baseball game at the Polo Grounds. They were married on 6 June 1917. When Broun was sent to France to report on the war, Hale went with him, writing for the Paris edition of the Chicago Tribune.

In 1918 Hale gave birth to her only child, Heywood Hale Broun, in New York City.

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    For the marriage bed ordained by fate for men and women is stronger than an oath and guarded by Justice.
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    Much that is urged on us new parents is useless, because we didn’t really choose it. It was pushed on us. It—whether it be Raffi videos, French lessons, or the complete works of Brazelton—might be just right for you and your particular child. But it is only right when you feel that it is. You know your family best; you decide.
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