Russell Branyan

Russell Branyan

Russell Oles Branyan (born December 19, 1975 in Warner Robins, Georgia) is a Major League Baseball first baseman who is a free agent. He throws right-handed, bats left-handed, and primarily plays first base, but is capable of playing third base and the outfield. Branyan began his professional career in the Cleveland Indians minor league system. His major league debut was with the Indians on September 26, 1998. He has played for the Cleveland Indians (two occasions), Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers (two occasions), Tampa Bay Devil Rays, San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, the Seattle Mariners (two occasions), Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Dubbed "Russell The Muscle," for his ability to hit long-distance home runs Branyan does not typically hit for a high batting average and strikes out frequently. However, he consistently draws walks and hits home runs. Branyan has been given the nickname 3TO, which stands for three true outcomes, by some groups of fans for his propensity to either draw a walk, strike out, or hit a home run. Because of this, players such as Jack Cust have drawn comparisons to Branyan.

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