Rup Dialects - Phonological and Morphological Characteristics

Phonological and Morphological Characteristics

The following phonological and morphological characteristics apply to all Rup dialects:

  • щ/жд (/) for Proto-Slavic *tʲ/*dʲ (as in Standard Bulgarian) - леща, между (lentils, between)
  • A large number of palatal consonants in all possible positions of the word: кʲитʲкʲи vs. formal Bulgarian китки (wrists)
  • Soft (palatal) ж /ʒ/, ш /ʃ/, ч /t͡ʃ/: жʲаба vs. formal Bulgarian жаба (frog). The Rup dialects are very archaic with regard to this as in all other Bulgarian dialects, these consonants have become hard and are now part of the hard consonants
  • Preserved consonant х () in all positions: ходи (walks)
  • Widespread labialisation of into : йуме vs. formal Bulgarian име (name)
  • Transition of the consonant group -дн into -нн: гланна vs. formal Bulgarian гладна (hungry) (cf. Subbalkan dialect)

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