Rumours - Track Listing

Track Listing

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Second Hand News" Lindsey Buckingham 2:53
2. "Dreams" Stevie Nicks 4:14
3. "Never Going Back Again" Lindsey Buckingham 2:15
4. "Don't Stop" Christine McVie 3:12
5. "Go Your Own Way" Lindsey Buckingham 3:38
6. "Songbird" Christine McVie 3:21
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
7. "The Chain" Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, C. McVie, John McVie, S. Nicks 4:31
8. "You Make Loving Fun" Christine McVie 3:31
9. "I Don't Want to Know" Stevie Nicks 3:15
10. "Oh Daddy" Christine McVie 3:58
11. "Gold Dust Woman" Stevie Nicks 5:02
  • The original cassette release switches "Second Hand News" with "I Don't Want to Know", altering the original album's running order.
  • The 2001 DVD-Audio version contains "Silver Springs" (4:48), a B-side of "Go Your Own Way" written by Nicks, in place of "Songbird", which is listed as track 12. The release includes short audio interviews with band members about the making of each song.
  • The 2004 remastered reissue has "Silver Springs" between "Songbird" and "The Chain". The booklet insert features additional photography and detailed liner notes.
  • The 2011 Super Audio CD hybrid disc from Warner Music Japan contains "Silver Springs" as the 6th track, bumping "Songbird" to track 12.
Disc two: Remastered reissue roughs & outtakes and early demos
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Second Hand News" Buckingham 2:47
2. "Dreams" Nicks 4:21
3. "Brushes (Never Going Back Again)" (Instrumental) Buckingham 2:50
4. "Don't Stop" C. McVie 3:33
5. "Go Your Own Way" Buckingham 3:06
6. "Songbird" C. McVie 3:11
7. "Silver Springs" Nicks 6:07
8. "You Make Loving Fun" C. McVie 4:56
9. "Gold Dust Woman #1" Nicks 5:02
10. "Oh Daddy" C. McVie 3:58
11. "Think About It" Nicks 2:55
12. "Never Going Back Again" Buckingham 1:56
13. "Planets of the Universe" Nicks 3:18
14. "Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)" C. McVie 2:11
15. "Gold Dust Woman" Nicks 5:01
16. "Doesn't Anything Last" Buckingham 1:10
17. "Mic the Screecher" (Jam session) Fleetwood 0:59
18. "For Duster (The Blues)" (Jam session) Buckingham, Fleetwood, C. McVie, J. McVie 4:26

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