Rudolph Walker

Rudolph Walker, OBE (born 28 September 1939), is a British character actor, best known for his roles on television. He was the first black actor to appear in a major British TV series, his breakthrough role as Bill in the sitcom Love Thy Neighbour leading to a long and varied acting career. He is currently best known as "Patrick" in the BBC One TV soap opera Eastenders.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Walker came to the United Kingdom at the age of 20 in 1960.

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    When I was going through my transition of being famous, I tried to ask God why was I here? what was my purpose? Surely, it wasn’t just to win three gold medals. There has to be more to this life than that.
    —Wilma Rudolph (1940–1994)

    The sight of a Black nun strikes their sentimentality; and, as I am unalterably rooted in native ground, they consider me a work of primitive art, housed in a magical color; the incarnation of civilized, anti-heathenism, and the fruit of a triumphing idea.
    —Alice Walker (b. 1944)