Royal Malaysian Police Museum - Previously


It also put aside evidence range of material for criminal cases ever happened in Malaysia including trigger throughout the country uproar as activity Botak Chin's criminal scare a time once apart from triad activity and communist.

The museum exact role really is collect, study and keep old items and during the yang aim history and development research team apart from recall sacrifice, role and success every member and increase image of the police.

This museum also display arms, model and old photographs, and plan study and figure relating emergency apart from old police station equipment. Exhibition in this museum have distinctive feature because it become gathering place, study and fund old items and during to benefits of research, by become source reference educate the community and guide them in know function, role and responsibility of RMP. It not merely premise keep artifacts or document but with role important maintain the tradition and commemorate police force history.

In fact, it as if monument commemorate struggle, sacrifice, role and success which does by the police either during country on peace or emergency period.

Plenty visitor will scanned back with the function police since the time Malay Malacca Kingdom, Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japan and Malaya before country achieved independence.

Clothing development police uniform and artifacts history also shown in exhibition space besides displaying police history chronology in Federated Malay States, Unfederated Malay States, Straits Settlements and police force in Sabah and a Sarawak.

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