Rooster Morris

Rooster Morris, is a writer-musician-songwriter, who the author of the Axle Galench children's book series and co-owner of Axle Publishing Company, Inc. and Laid-Back West, an educational materials distribution company. The first book in his series, Axle Galench and the Gate of No Return, was published in 2004. Rooster released his second book, Axle Galench in Search of Barnsfoggon, in 2005, and has also recorded and performed the music for audio books for each release. Axle Galench and the Spin Lizard Rescue is currently in its final stages of editing and will be published sometime in 2008. Since 2004, Rooster and his wife/business partner Jody Logsdon have sold a combined total of over 13,500 of his books and audio books in his self-publishing endeavors. He has performed for over 2.5 million children since the publication of his first book. He was featured in the Texas Living section of Southern Living Magazine in January 2007. Rooster currently resides in Rockdale, Texas.

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