Roll Call

Roll Call is a newspaper published in Washington, D.C., United States, from Monday to Thursday when the United States Congress is in session and on Mondays only during recess. Roll Call reports news of legislative and political maneuverings on Capitol Hill, as well as political coverage of congressional elections across the country. In addition to breaking news, the paper features analysts such as Morton M. Kondracke, Stuart Rothenberg and Norman Ornstein., the online version of the newspaper, features breaking news stories and daily e-mail alerts and award winning photojournalism. Scott Montgomery currently serves as editor-in-chief.

Founded in 1955 by Sid Yudain, a former press secretary to Congressman Al Morano (R-Conn.), Roll Call is the flagship publication of the CQ Roll Call, which also operates: Congressional Quarterly (CQ), a publisher of print and online daily and weekly news about Congress and politics. Roll Call merged with CQ in 2009 after the latter company was purchased by The Economist Group, Roll Call's parent company. Other members of The Economist Group include The Economist, European Voice and Capitol Advantage.

Every issue, 11,500 copies of Roll Call are delivered to Congress and 400 copies are delivered to the White House free of charge. The publication's motto is "The Newspaper of Capitol Hill Since 1955."

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