Rodewald - Local Wildlife

Local Wildlife

The surrounding area is awash with local wildlife which tends to live within the three main types of habitat available; agricultural fields, wooded areas of mixed deciduous and coniferous content, and moorland.

In the open areas can be seen many birds of prey such as the common buzzard, kestrel, sparrow hawk and during warmer months, the red kite. Mammals which are easy to spot include; wild boar, red fox, feral cat, hare, roe deer and the slightly larger fallow deer, which tend to be more suited to the marshier areas to the north.

Along Rodewald’s stream, known as the Alpe, water birds can be commonly seen in and around the flooded fields such as the stork, heron, great egret and kingfisher.

Hunting is common within the area with numerous elevated hides of a fixed nature being scattered around tree lines. Aside providing game meat, it also helps control the deer and wild boar populations which destroy crops, resulting in farmers viewing them as pests.

During the fawning period of 1 April and 15 July, dogs are not allowed off their leash in open countryside with the animal liable to be shot if seen harassing game or livestock.

Dear and wild boar prove a real risk to motorists with collisions taking place regularly. In an effort to remind motorist of the danger, pink crosses are placed on the spot of any recent accidents.

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