Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson may refer to:

  • Robert Robinson (Australian politician) (c. 1811–1852), Australian politician, of the Members of the Victorian Legislative Council, 1851–1853
  • Robert Robinson (Baptist) (1735–1790), Baptist Minister and scholar of Cambridge
  • Robert Robinson (basketball) (born 1927), American basketballer
  • Robert Robinson (broadcaster) (1927–2011), British broadcaster
  • Robert Robinson (Canadian politician) (1826–1885), merchant and politician in New Brunswick
  • Robert Robinson (cricketer) (1765–1822), English cricketer
  • Robert Robinson (Dissenting minister) (c. 1726–1791), controversial Unitarian Minister
  • Robert Robinson (engineer) (1907–1994), lived in the Soviet Union
  • Robert Robinson (footballer) (1906–1990), English Association footballer
  • Rob Robinson (ice hockey), Canadian, born 1967
  • Robert Robinson (Neighbours), fictional character
  • Robert Robinson (organic chemist) (1886–1975), British Chemist, Nobel laureate
  • Robert Robinson (phonetician) (c. 1600-c. 1660), English phonetician
  • Robert G. Robinson (1896–1974), American US Marine Corps First Lieutenant, Medal of Honor recipient
  • Robert P. Robinson (1869–1939), American banker and politician, Governor of Delaware
  • Robert P. Robinson (Wisconsin politician) (1884–1953), Wisconsin State Senator
  • Robert Spencer Robinson (1809–1889), British naval officer

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    You live in a puss-hole, you act accordingly.
    Guy Trosper, U.S. screenwriter, and John Frankenheimer. Robert Stroud (Burt Lancaster)

    The manufacturing corporation, except in comparatively few instances, no longer represents a protecting care, a parental influence, over its operatives. It is too often a soulless organization; and its members forget that they are morally responsible for the souls and bodies, as well as for the wages, of those whose labor is the source of their wealth.
    —Harriet H. Robinson (1825–1911)