Robert Pipon Marett

Sir Robert Pipon Marett (1820-1884, pseudonym Laelius) was a lawyer, journalist, poet, politician, and Bailiff of Jersey from 1880 until his death.

He was born in St. Peter on 20 November 1820 and studied at the University of Caen and the Sorbonne. He was admitted to the Bar of Jersey as advocate in 1845, but in 1846 the family moved to Blois in France as a result of his mother's ill health. Returning to Jersey, he entered the political scene and was elected Constable of St. Helier in 1856. During his short term in municipal office, he laid out the Parade as an urban promenade.

The death of the Bailiff, Sir Thomas Le Breton, created a vacancy among the Crown Officers and on 6 March 1858 Robert Pipon Marett was appointed Solicitor-General. He rose through the legal hierarchy, becoming Attorney-General in 1866, and Bailiff in 1880.

He was knighted in 1880. He was one of the founders of the Société Jersiaise and a patron of education for girls. He was the father of Robert Ranulph Marett.

He died on the 10 November 1884 at his home, La Haule Manor in St. Brelade, after a long illness.

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