Robert Holmes (musician) - From 'til Tuesday To Ultra Blue

From 'til Tuesday To Ultra Blue

In 1988 he formed a bluesy rock quartet called Ultra Blue with his wife Glenda who sang backups for Robert and occasionally sang lead. Ultra Blue won best new artist at the Boston Music Awards in 1989 and made many recordings. Several sessions were paid for by Epic records but a recording contract never materialized.

In 1993 Ultra Blue was put on the back burner when Robert joined up with Street Magic, an a cappella quintet specializing in Doo Wop. A short article written by Robert Holmes was published on the backside page of the August 1996 Musician magazine called "The Morning After 'Til Tuesday" in which Robert detailed some of the differences between working with ’Til Tuesday and doing general business work on a local level with Street Magic.

In 1996 Robert moved to Vermont and formed a function/cover band called "Love Bomb" for which he was the leader and lead guitarist. The band built up a sizable following in the Southern Vermont/ Western Massachusetts area and played numerous weddings and private parties for the next 13 years.

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