RL, Rl or rl may refer to:

  • Rl (digraph), a digraph in Australian Aboriginal languages representing a retroflex lateral
  • RL (complexity), the complexity class of problems
  • NL (complexity) or RL, another complexity class
  • Radio Liberty, American political broadcasting station merged with Radio Free Europe
  • Republic of Lebanon, a country
  • RL circuit, a circuit with a resistor and an inductor
  • Acura RL, an automobile
  • ReLoad, 1997 album by Metallica
  • Real life, a term for the life in the real world
  • Registered Locksmith, a trade qualification awarded to members of the Associated Locksmiths of America
  • Reinforcement learning, a sub-area of machine learning
  • RĂ©seau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes, an amateur radio organization in Luxembourg
  • Polo Ralph Lauren's NYSE ticker symbol
  • Royal Phnom Penh Airways IATA code
  • Reconstituted leaf, a type of tobacco processing used in some cigarettes
  • Rugby league, a sport
  • Residual Latex, excessive latex buildup.
  • Roxbury Latin, a boys' preparatory school in Roxbury, MA

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