RKM Engine - Applications


Potential areas of application for the RKM engines include:

  • Pumps: medium-, high-pressure, and pre-vacuum pumps for use in power machinery, refrigerators, elevators, lifts, cranes, road-building machinery, automobiles, aircraft, and other applications, including those for domestic water and heating systems,and scientific research.
  • Compressors: medium- and high-pressure compressors for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.
  • "Cold" motors: hydraulic and pneumatic motors for use in automobiles, air-, space- and marine craft, and in a number of other applications in industrial and consumer products.
  • Power tools: a new class of power tools for drilling, cutting and surface treatment of materials in various ranges (from super-large to micrometre).
  • Internal and external combustion engines, including Diesel, for all types of wheeled or tracked motor vehicles (from motorbikes to automobiles and trucks, to Mars explorers), marine craft of all sizes (from pleasure boats to supertankers), helicopters and propeller-driven aircraft (including super-light platforms).
  • Electric power generators for agriculture and industry, including oil and gas production, air & space industry, large stationary and vehicular power generators, compact emergency generators, etc.
  • Compact sources of electrical power for portable computers and other electronic devices, etc.

One area where RKMs offer very high potential is in the pump market. RKM pumps can be as, or more efficient than today's preferred pump technologies, while offering overall advantages in pricing, size, reliability and energy efficiency.

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