Rico J. Puno - Movies


  • Who's That Girl? (2011) - Rico
  • Asboobs: Asal Bobo (2003) - Capt. Palma
  • Pakners (2003) - Richard de Guzman
  • A.B. Normal College (2003)
  • Alas-Dose (2001) - Congressman
  • Juan & Ted: Wanted (2000) - Mr. Mariano
  • Matalino Man ang Matsing na-iisahan din! (2000)
  • Alyas Boy Tigas: Ang Probinsyanong Wais (1998)
  • Sailor's Disaster (1994) - Bruno
  • Gascon.... bala ang katapat mo (1993)
  • Tom & Jerry: Hindi Kaming Hayop (1993) - Alfie
  • Dr. Potpot Travels to the Moon (1991) - Enzio
  • Isang Platitong mani (1986)
  • Annabelle Huggins Story (1982)
  • Bullet for your Music (1978)
  • Silang mga mukhang Pera (1977)
  • Bawal na pag-ibig (1977)

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