Rex Mutation - Curly or Rex-type Mutations in Other Animals

Curly or Rex-type Mutations in Other Animals

  • Rex Rabbit
  • Mini Rex Rabbit
  • Astrex Rabbit
  • Opossum Rex Rabbit
  • Rex Hamster
  • Rex Guinea Pig
  • Texel Guinea Pig
  • English Merino Guinea Pig
  • Rex Rat
  • Rex Mouse
  • Astrex Mouse
  • Texel Mouse
  • Curly Horse
  • Curly Pig
  • Mangalitza Pig
  • Sebastopol Goose
  • Frillback Pigeon
  • Frizzle Chicken
  • Curly Quail
  • Curly-coated dog breeds include the Curly Coated Retriever, the Poodle, the Irish Water Spaniel and many more.

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