Resolution - Measurement Resolution

Measurement Resolution

  • Display resolution, the level of information on a display device, such as a monitor
    • Graphic display resolutions, a list of particular display resolutions
  • Temporal resolution, the sampling frequency of a digital audio device
  • Optical resolution, the capability of an optical system to distinguish, find, or record details
  • Angular resolution, the capability of an optical or other sensor to discern small objects
  • Spectral resolution, the capability of an optical system to distinguish different frequencies
  • Sensor resolution, the smallest change a sensor can detect in the quantity that it is measuring
  • Resolution (electron density), the quality of an X-ray crystallography or cryo-electron microscopy data set
  • Resolution (mass spectrometry) the ability to distinguish peaks in a mass spectrum
  • Image resolution, a measure of the amount of detail in an image
  • Printing resolution, the number of individual dots a printer can produce within a unit of distance (e.g., dots per inch)
  • In number storage, the resolution is the reciprocal of the unit in the last place

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Famous quotes containing the words measurement and/or resolution:

    That’s the great danger of sectarian opinions, they always accept the formulas of past events as useful for the measurement of future events and they never are, if you have high standards of accuracy.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    Had I been less resolved to work, I would perhaps had made an effort to begin immediately. But since my resolution was formal and before twenty four hours, in the empty slots of the next day where everything fit so nicely because I was not yet there, it was better not to choose a night at which I was not well-disposed for a debut to which the following days proved, alas, no more propitious.... Unfortunately, the following day was not the exterior and vast day which I had feverishly awaited.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)