Republic of Korea Coast Guard - Main Duties

Main Duties

(From the English home page of the Korean Coast Guard)

  • 1. Search and Rescue

Korea Coast Guard performs to respond speedy and effective rescue activities in order to save a precious life and to protect property when it occurred maritime accidents.

  • 2. Maritime Security

Korea Coast Guard ensures to protect sea from maritime crime and keep maritime security and peace.

  • 3. Marine Environmental Protection

Korea Coast Guard has always been in the forefront for surveillance of marine pollution and prevention of hazardous spills in order to keep waters clean and to preserve abundant marine resources.

  • 4. International Affairs

We, Korea Coast Guard, always do our best to respond quickly against international maritime crimes including enforcement of Alien Migrant Interdiction by seizing current tendency of international crime.

  • 5. Maritime Traffic Safety Management

Korea Coast Guard provides an unlimited protection to secure maritime tourism, safe marine recreational activities, and to keep people from any kind of potential dangers and barriers. 6. Maritime Pollution Response Korea Coast Guard performs to build a clean maritime environment through prevention activities thoroughly against hazardous spills or discharge and perfect pollution control.

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