Religious Riots - Ritual Violence

Ritual Violence

Further information: ritual slaughter, human sacrifice, and animal sacrifice

Ritual violence may be directed against victims (human sacrifice) or self-inflicted (religious self-flagellation).

According to hunting hypothesis, created by Walter Burkert in Homo Necans, carnivorous behavior is considered a form of violence. Burkett suggests that the anthropological phenomenon of religion itself grew out of rituals connected with hunting and the feelings of guilt associated with the violence involved.

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Famous quotes containing the words ritual and/or violence:

    A few years later, I would have answered, “I never repeat anything.” That is the ritual phrase of society people, by which the gossip is reassured every time.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    A man who lives with nature is used to violence and is companionable with death. There is more violence in an English hedgerow than in the meanest streets of a great city.
    —P.D. (Phyllis Dorothy)