Relation - Logic and Philosophy

Logic and Philosophy

  • Relation (philosophy), links between properties of an object
  • Relation (logic), term in set theory and logic, for a property that assigns truth values to k-tuples of individuals
  • Relation of Ideas, in the Human sense, is the type of knowledge that can be characterized as arising out of pure conceptual thought and logical operations (in contrast to a Matter of Fact)
  • Relational theory, framework to understand reality or a physical system in such a way that the positions and other properties of objects are only meaningful relative to other objects

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Famous quotes containing the words logic and, logic and/or philosophy:

    Logic and fact keep interfering with the easy flow of conversation.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    Neither Aristotelian nor Russellian rules give the exact logic of any expression of ordinary language; for ordinary language has no exact logic.
    Sir Peter Frederick Strawson (b. 1919)

    The philosopher believes that the value of his philosophy lies in its totality, in its structure: posterity discovers it in the stones with which he built and with which other structures are subsequently built that are frequently better—and so, in the fact that that structure can be demolished and yet still possess value as material.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)