Reflexive may refer to:

In fiction:

  • Metafiction

In grammar:

  • Reflexive pronoun, a pronoun with a reflexive relationship with its self-identical antecedent
  • Reflexive verb, where a semantic agent and patient are the same

In mathematics and computer science:

  • Reflexive relation, a certain relation where elements of a set are self-related
  • Reflexive user interface, an interface that permits its own command verbs and sometimes underlying code to be edited
  • Reflexive operator algebra, an operator algebra that has enough invariant subspaces to characterize it
  • Reflexive space, a subset of Banach spaces

Other uses:

  • Reflexive Entertainment, a video game developer
  • Reflexivity (social theory), a concept in social theory relating to the capacity of an individual agent to act against influences of socialization and social structure