Redwall (novel) - Characters in Redwall

Characters in Redwall

  • Matthias
  • Cluny the Scourge
  • Brother Methuselah
  • Redtooth
  • Fangburn
  • Constance the Badger
  • Jess Squirrel
  • Basil Stag Hare
  • Silent Sam
  • Killconey
  • Dunwing Sparra
  • Sela the Vixen
  • Chickenhound
  • Squire Julian Gingivere
  • Captain Snow
  • Asmodeus
  • King Bull Sparra
  • Guosim
  • Shadow
  • Warbeak Sparra
  • Abbot Mortimer
  • Cornflower Fieldmouse
  • Brother Alf

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