Red Nose Day 2007 - Appeals


Title Appeal by Location Problem Solution
'Nothing can Prepare You' Ant and Dec Kenya Poor hygiene and waste disposal £90 builds a toilet cubicle that reduces the spread of disease.
'Net Danger' Ewan McGregor UK Internet child grooming £20 can keep a child safe.
'14 In One Room' Ant and Dec Kenya Malnutrition £60 gives a Kenyan child food for a month.
'Care for the Carers' ? UK 11 year old girl cares full-time for both of her disabled parents £15 can give her a day out
'Preventable and Curable' Davina McCall Tanzania Malaria is killing children due to lack of medication and trained nurses 60p pays for medication to save a life.
'Safety Net' Davina McCall Tanzania Disease spreading by parasites £2.50 buys a mosquito net which can prevent fatal infections
'Families Reunited' Fearne Cotton UK Teenagers who have run away from home getting into trouble Comic Relief can keep them safe.
'A Kind of Miracle' Billy Connolly Somaliland Comic Relief has helped provide medical supplies and an ambulance.
'Why?' Annie Lennox Africa Report about those who have been saved and those less fortunate.
'Life Line' Davina McCall UK Victims of Domestic violence With money, Comic Relief can help.
'Child in Danger' ? Tanzania Child malnutrition £38 can buy six months food for a child.
'Darfur' Michael Palin Darfur, Western Sudan Genocide and victims of rape £15 helps rape victims.
'Lifesaving Care' Billy Connolly Cabrera AIDS sufferers deny illness and treatment to save face Money supports community hospitals who take away the social stigmata.
'Child by Child' ? Tanzania A child named Grey is suffering from Malaria Comic Relief has halved the death rate of people suffering from the same condition.
'Slavery In The UK' Emma Thompson UK A girl who left her own country in search of a new life, ended up a sex slave in a UK brothel Comic Relief gave the girl a new life.

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