Rashi Shapiro - Rabbi and Psychologist

Rabbi and Psychologist

He was ordained rabbi at age 23 and taught in the Mesivta of Greater Miami. In 1978 he took his first pulpit at Congregation Ohr Hachaim of Miami Beach. He was also the director of the Horeb Seminary for Women, a division of the Talmudic University of Florida.

The rabbinate required counseling intervention with families in the community, and Rabbi Shapiro trained in social work at Barry University, Miami. He founded and directed “Hypnotherapy and Counseling Centers of Miami”. During this time he perfected hypnosis for smoking cessation while researching past life regression.

Upon coming to New York he became the director of the Tikvah Clinic, the Orthodox Jewish mental health center of the new hope guild. During this time he completed his doctorate in clinical psychology at Long Island University while also consulting at the Maimonides Mental Health Center and South Beach Psychiatric hospital. At New Hope, Dr. Shapiro founded the institute for psychological Services to nursing homes where he trained and supervised 50 psychologists who treated the elderly.

In 1988 Dr. Shapiro created the day hospital at Pesach Tikvah – Hope Development in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn where he serviced the chasidic community of Satmar. He eventually became the executive director of the agency.

Since 1991 Dr. Shapiro has been devoted to his private practice and is founded he Institute for Technological Psychology in Brooklyn.

Dr. Shapiro is currently training therapists in unique and unorthodox treatment strategies for the ultra-orthodox and chassidic community. He is singular in his promotion of group therapy for the orthodox Jewish community.


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