Rana may refer to:

In education:

  • Rana Institute of Higher Education, Afghanistan

In entertainment and sports:

  • Rana (film), forthcoming Indian film
  • Moon (Middle-earth), the moon Rána in Tolkien's Middle-earth
  • Rana Daggubati, Indian film actor
  • Rana, Pin (professional wrestling)#Rana

In places:

  • Rana, Norway
  • Rana, Burkina Faso

In science:

  • Rana (genus), a genus of frogs
  • Rana, traditional name for the star Delta Eridani
  • Royal Animal Nursing Auxiliaries an outdated term for a Paraveterinary worker

In sociology:

  • Rana (clan), a family (clan) among Rajputs/Khatris in South Asia
  • Rana (title), a variation on Raja, a South Asian (Hindi and other languages) princely title of royalty
  • Rana dynasty, an influential family in Nepal since the 19th century
  • The medieval principality of Rana of the Rani (Slavic tribe) based on the isle of Rügen
  • In all Slavic languages, rana means wound or injury