Ram Gopal

Ram Gopal may refer to:

  • Ram Gopal (author) (born 1925), Indian writer and historian
  • Ram Gopal Varma (born 1962), Indian screenwriter, film director/producer
  • Ram Gopal (dancer) (1912–2003), Bangalore-born British dancer
  • Ram Gopal Bajaj (born 1940), National School of Drama alumni, and its former director
  • Ram Gopal Yadav (born 1946), Indian politician
  • Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay, 2007 Indian film

Famous quotes containing the word ram:

    At one time or another, almost every politician needs an honest man so badly that, like a ravenous wolf, he breaks into a sheep-fold: not to devour the ram he has stolen, however, but rather to conceal himself behind its wooly back.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)