RAF Upavon - History - 1970s and 80s, Command Reorganisation, Rename, Amalgamisation

1970s and 80s, Command Reorganisation, Rename, Amalgamisation

The 1970s saw many changes to the overall structure of the Royal Air Force. On 1 September 1972, the former RAF Transport Command, now RAF Air Support Command, was merged with RAF Strike Command. On the same date, No.46 Group was reformed at Upavon, which meant that Upavon was to maintain a long-standing link with RAF transport services.

Amalgamations continued, and on 10 November 1975, No.38 and No.46 Groups were merged into one, with No.38 Group keeping the title. At this time, No.38 Group returned to Upavon, and was to become the largest Group in the RAF.

Nearly eight years later, reorganisation was again at the forefront of Upavon. On 17 November 1983, No.38 Group merged with No.1 Group, and Upavon became home to Headquarters No.1 Group RAF.

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