Quit may refer to:

  • Quit (band), an American pop-punk group
  • "QUIT", a song by Susumu Hirasawa on the 1990 album The Ghost in Science
  • Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!)
  • To quit smoking (smoking cessation)

Famous quotes containing the word quit:

    In Pride, in reas’ning Pride, our error lies;
    All quit their sphere, and rush into the skies.
    Pride still is aiming at the blest abodes,
    Men would be Angels, Angels would be Gods.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    When I quit working, I lost all sense of identity in about fifteen minutes.
    Paige Rense (b. 1929)

    Push, labor, shove,—these words of great power in a city like this. Two years must find me with a living and increasing business, or I quit the city and probably the profession.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)