Quigley is a surname of Irish origin anglicised from the Gaelic Ó Coigligh meaning 'descendent of Coigleach (male)' or Ní Choigligh meaning 'descendent of Coigleach (female)' that may refer to:

  • Brett Quigley (born 1969), American golfer on the PGA tour
  • Carroll Quigley (1910–1977), American writer and history professor
  • Dana Quigley (born 1947), American golfer on the Champions tour
  • Dennis Quigley (1913–1984), Scottish footballer
  • Derek Quigley (born 1932), New Zealand politician
  • Eddie Quigley (c. 1921–1997), English footballer
  • Ernie Quigley (1880–1960), Canadian-American sports official
  • James Edward Quigley (1854–1915), Canadian-American religious figure who served as Archbishop of Chicago
  • Jane Quigley (born 1939), American actress
  • Jez Quigley, a character on the British soap opera Coronation Street
  • Joan Quigley (born 1927), American astrologer
  • Joan M. Quigley (born 1940), American politician from New Jersey
  • John Quigley (disambiguation), several people
  • Johnny Quigley (1935–2004), Scottish footballer for Nottingham Forest
  • Joy Quigley (born 1948), New Zealand politician
  • Linnea Quigley (born 1958), American B-movie actress
  • Maggie Quigley (born 1979), American actress
  • Matthew Quigley, fictional character in the film Quigley Down Under
  • Michael Quigley (politician), American politician from Illinois
  • Mike Quigley (footballer), English footballer
  • Sheila Quigley (born 1948?), English novelist
  • Thomas J. Quigley (1905–1960), American superintendent of Catholic schools
  • William P. Quigley, law professor and research director at Loyola University New Orleans

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