Quartetto Egie

Quartetto Egie was a jazz vocal male quartet working in Italy during 1940s.

It formed in Rome in 1940. The four singers were Tata Giacobetti, Iacopo Jacomelli, Enrico Gentile e Enrico De Angelis. The name EGIE came from their initials.

Quartetto Egie made their debut on 27 May 1940 at the Valle Theatre in Rome. They performed the song Bambina dall'abito blu ("little girl in a blue dress").

Some months later, still in 1940, Iacopo Jacomelli left the group. Virgilio Savona filled the vacancy, and then new line-up changed its name to Quartetto Ritmo. Then, in 1941, Felice Chiusano replaced Enrico Gentile and the group was renamed Quartetto Cetra.