Quartet (Pat Metheny Album)

Quartet (Pat Metheny Album)

Quartet (1996) is an album by Pat Metheny Group.

On Quartet Pat Metheny combines his guitar with bassist Steve Rodby, drummer Paul Wertico, and the writing abilities and keyboarding of Lyle Mays. The slow and relaxed sounds are largely improvisations, as the tracks were loosely written or completely improvised on the spot. This gives the album a very experimental and dark feel. The album is mostly acoustic, introducing the Pikasso 42 string guitar as well as other new acoustic guitars. Metheny's GR300 synth guitar is featured on Oceania and Language of Time. The Metheny Group never played these songs live. Metheny himself played "When We Were Free" with his trio and recorded a version on Daytrip. "As I Am" was played during trio concerts with Michael Brecker.

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