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Crosses between Arabians, Quarter Horses and Paints are recorded throughout the history of the Quarter Horse and Paint horse associations. For example, in the 1950s, the Arabian stallion Indraff sired two foals, a filly and a colt, by the Quarter Horse mare Cotton Girl. Both foals went on to successful careers, with the filly, named Indy Sue, earning an American Quarter Horse Association Performance Register of Merit and herself foaling three registered Quarter Horses. Before the American Paint Horse Association stud book was closed in the 1980s, a few sabino Arabian stallions were inspected and registered.

In 1984, the United Quarab Registry (UQR) was formed as the breed association for Quarter Horse/Arabian crossbred horses. In 1989, a new section of the registry, called the Painted Quarab Index, was added to include horses with blood from the American Paint Horse that showed tobiano and overo color patterns. The UQR was privately owned and later went out of business after a change of ownership. In 1999 the International Quarab Horse Association was formed to register the breed, functioning under the same guidelines as the UQR and soon spreading overseas, with member groups in Germany and the Netherlands.

The registry only accepts horses bred from parents registered with the respective breed registries - the American Quarter Horse Association, the Arabian Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association, and horses must have at least 1/8 blood from either the Arabian or the stock (Quarter or Paint) horse parent.

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