Quanta Services - Operating Companies

Operating Companies

Quanta Services has a large number of operating companies that can broadly be classified into Electric & Gas, Telecom & Cable, Wireless, and Ancillary Services. Each typically operates independently. A list of current Quanta Services operating companies is provided below.

Quanta's Electric Power Operating Units

  • Allteck Line Contractors
  • Can-Fer Construction Company
  • Crux Subsurface, Inc.
  • Dacon
  • DashiellCorporation
  • Dillard Smith Construction Company
  • EHV Power
  • InfraSource Underground Services
  • Irby Construction Company
  • Longfellow Drilling Services
  • M.J. Electric
  • Mears Group
  • North Houston Pole Line
  • PAR Electrical Contractors
  • Pauley Construction Company
  • Potelco
  • Quanta Energized Services
  • Quanta Government Solutions
  • Quanta Renewable Energy Services
  • Quanta Technology
  • Realtime Utility Engineers
  • Ryan Company
  • Service Electric Company
  • Sumter Utilities
  • Underground Construction Company
  • Winco Powerline Services

Quanta's Natural Gas Opearting Units

  • Bradford Brothers
  • Can-Fer Construction Company
  • InfraSource Underground Construction Services (Formerly Flint Construction Company - Lawrenceville, GA)
  • Mears Group
  • North Houston Pole Line
  • PAR Electrical Contractors
  • Price Gregory

Quanta's Telecom & Cable Operating Units

  • Blair Park
  • Driftwood Electrical
  • EA Technical Services
  • Engineering Associates
  • Fiber Technologies
  • Golden State Utility Co.
  • H.L. Chapman Pipeline Construction
  • InfraSource Telecom
  • Manuel Bros.
  • North Sky Communications
  • Parkside Utility Construction
  • Pauley Construction Company
  • Professional Teleconcepts
  • Quanta Wireless Solutions
  • Spalj Construction Company
  • Sunesys
  • Trawick Construction Company
  • Underground Construction Company
  • VCI Construction, Inc

Quanta's C&I and Specialty Operating Units

  • Croce Electric
  • Intermountain Electric
  • VCI Construction, Inc

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