Provident may refer to:

  • Entertainment
    • Provident Label Group, a music label
  • Finance
    • Financial companies
      • Unum, formerly UnumProvident, formerly two separate companies Unum & Provident, a financial services company focusing in the United States focusing on disability insurance
      • Friends Provident, a financial services company in the U.K. focusing on life assurance
      • PNC Financial Services, formerly known as Provident National Bank
      • Provident Financial plc, a financial group based in Bradford, England focusing on the home lending and insurance markets
    • Retirement plans
      • Central Provident Fund, Singapore's retirement plan
      • Public Provident Fund, India's retirement plan
      • Mandatory Provident Fund, Hong Kong's retirement plan
  • Recreation
    • Provident Skate Park in Visalia, California

Famous quotes containing the word provident:

    Women have no wilderness in them,
    They are provident instead,
    Content in the tight hot cell of their hearts
    To eat dusty bread.
    Louise Bogan (1897–1970)