PRO or Pro may refer to:

  • Patient-reported outcome, in clinical trials
  • Professional, abbreviation for either a person in a profession or in sports
  • Proline, an amino acid
  • Prostitute, a person who receives payment for sexual services
  • Pro Hart (1928–2006), Australian painter nicknamed "Pro" for "professor"
  • Pro theme, a visual style designed for professional-grade software for Mac OS X
  • .pro, a sponsored, generic top-level domain
  • PRO (category theory), a construction in mathematics
  • PRO (linguistics), an empty category whose existence is postulated in classical Government and Binding Theory
  • Public relations officer, corporate communications officer
  • Pressure-retarded osmosis, the salinity gradient energy retrieved from the difference in the salt concentration between seawater and river water

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Famous quotes containing the word pro:

    The upbeat lawyer/negotiator of preadolescence has become a real pro by now—cynical, shrewd, a tough cookie. You’re constantly embroiled in a match of wits. You’re exhausted.
    Ron Taffel (20th century)

    It is sweet and honourable to die for one’s country.
    [Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.]
    Horace [Quintus Horatius Flaccus] (65–8 B.C.)