Primer may refer to:

  • Primer (album), a 1995 music album by the musical group Rockapella
  • Primer (cosmetics), a cream or lotion applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face
  • Primer (film), a 2004 feature film written and directed by Shane Carruth
  • Primer (firearm), such as the Berdan or Boxer primer; the percussion cap for centerfire ammunition
  • Primer (gasoline engine), a device on some petrol engines used to prime the engine with gasoline before starting it
  • Primer (molecular biology), a nucleic acid strand (or related molecule) that serves as a starting point for DNA replication
  • Primer (paint), a coating applied to a surface to prepare it for paint or another coating or adhesive
  • Primer (textbook), a textbook used in primary education to teach the alphabet and other basic subjects
  • Primer (video), a home documentary about the funk band Living Colour
  • The New England Primer (1688), a colonial American/Puritan primer with morality-themed rhymes
  • Book of hours, a medieval illuminated manuscript
  • Explosive primer, a small explosive device also known as a blasting cap
  • Great primer, a font size of 18 points
  • Primer-E Primer, software for statistical analysis of ecological data
  • Primer 55, an American Alternative metal band
  • "The Primer", a song from the 2005 album Alaska by Between the Buried and Me
  • Trap primer, a plumbing device or valve that adds water to traps

Famous quotes containing the word primer:

    Your master Robin Hood lies dead,
    Therefore sigh as you sing.

    Here lie his primer and his beads,
    His bent bow and his arrows keen,
    His good sword and his holy cross:
    Anthony Munday (1553–1633)