Previously Unreleased

Previously Unreleased is a 1982 album by the English guitarist Larry Wallis, released under the name Pink Fairies.

The decision to release the album as a Pink Fairies album rather than a Larry Wallis album was made by label boss Ted Carroll in the belief it would sell more copies. Wallis: "I wanted Ted Carroll to do a Larry Wallis album, but Ted said if we called it the Pink Fairies it would sell more. So that's why we called it the Pink Fairies. But I would only do it if it was called PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED and if the personnel weren't listed. I don't feel like a Pink Fairy anymore. When I was twenty-three and had patchwork boots and long hair I felt like a Fairy. But that's all history. Anyway, somebody in the music press spotted what we'd done right away. He said, 'Shouldn't this be called PREVIOUSLY UNRECORDED?'" Duncan Sanderson (ex-Pink Fairies) and George Butler (both ex-Lightning Raiders) played on it. "When it came out, me and Sandy went wild. I'll tell ya what's weird though - Ted Carroll's got a shop and he never even put that sleeve in his f**king window. That record wasn't released. It escaped." In addition, although released as a 12" 33RPM LP, it actually played at 45RPM making it more of an EP.

The album contains "As Long As The Price Is Right" which had previously been issued as a single by Dr. Feelgood. That song, and 'It's coming back again' were both originally recorded by Wallis for his aborted solo LP for the Stiff label in considerably different form. The album/Ep came out while Wallis was playing with Butler & Sanderson in a band with many names, most notably 'The Police Cars' & 'The Love Pirates Of Doom' along with 2nd guitarist Andy Colquhoun and was recorded at that time, though without Colquhoun's input. The line-up played many gigs at Dingwalls, once appearing as The Deviants with Mick Farren (vocals) having also been the support band, and later at the Cricketers (Oval) and (once) in Leeds (minus Sanderson). The reformed Pink Fairies (1987) was essentially this combo with Russell Hunter & (for a while) Twink replacing George Butler

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