Presidency of Jimmy Carter - Pardons


Further information: List of people pardoned by a United States president

Besides unconditional amnesty for Vietnam War era draft dodgers, issued in his first full day in office (January 21, 1977), President Carter used his power in other cases. In general, he issued 566 pardons or commutations as President, granting 20% of all requests that came before him.

Most notable cases:

  • Oscar Collazo: Puerto Rican independence activist who in 1950 attempted to assassinate President Harry S. Truman. His original death sentence was commuted by Truman himself and Carter granted him full pardon.
  • Irving Flores, Rafael Cancel Miranda and Lolita Lebrón: Puerto Rican independence activists involved in 1954 Assault on the House of Representatives.
  • Peter Yarrow, singer-songwriter: clemency for a sexual offense in 1969.
  • G. Gordon Liddy, chief operative for the White House Plumbers during Watergate: sentence commuted.

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