Premonition (Vampire Rodents Album)

Premonition (Vampire Rodents Album)

'Premonition' was Vampire Rodents' follow-up to their last album, War Music. Released on their own label, V.R. Productions, it gathered them enough attention to get signed to Re-Constriction Records.

The album features a heavy use of sound samples in many songs, which was a very prevalent trend in industrial music at the time. Samples used includes assorted Looney Tunes voice clips, dialogue from the horror film The Exorcist as well as narration from H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

The second track, Babyface is a reimagining of Little Richard's song of the same name.

Despite being out of print, the album can still be bought through the Vampire Rodents eBay page.

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