Pre or PRE may refer to:

  • Proportional reduction in error
  • Palm Pre, a multimedia smartphone by Palm, Inc.
  • Pre (band), a British noise rock band
  • Partial redundancy elimination, a compiler optimization used to build computer programs
  • Physical Review E, an American journal for statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • Personal Rescue Enclosure, an emergency enclosure that can be used to transport astronauts between spacecraft
  • Preston railway station (National Rail code), in Lancashire, England
  • Prince Edward Station (MTR station code), a station in Hong Kong
  • Pura Raza Española or Andalusian horse, a breed of horse
  • Steve Prefontaine (1951–1975), an American runner nicknamed "Pre"
  • HTML element for pre-formatted text
  • Microphone preamplifier, a device used to boost an electrical signal from Microphone Level to Line Level
  • Noel Prefontaine (born 1973), Canadian football player