Pratap Singh

Pratap Singh may refer to:

  • Partab Singh of Kashmir, Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Pratap Singh of Mewar (1540–1597), Maharana of Mewar, India, 1540–1597
  • Pratap Singh of Idar (1845–1922), Maharaja of Idar, India, 1902–1911
  • Pratap Singh of Nabha (1919–1995), Maharaja of Nabha, India, 1928–1995
  • Pratap Singh I of Satara, Nominal King of Maratha Empire, Satara - 1808–1839
  • Pratap Singh of Thanjavur, King of Thanjavur Maratha kingdom
  • Pratap Singh of Orchha ruler of Princely State of Orchha from 1874–1930.

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